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Noizy Days

by Cadillac Face

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The Preacher 03:38
Lilac Lips 03:39
you take your friends out where the photograph shows. dilated pupils, luscious and bold. i walk the corridors in flourescent light. i wish i could have died that night. you press your lilac lips on mouths of everyday men. i use my sulphur throat as a choir organ. you could have written the big book of everyday life. there's no damn way, can't give up the fight. light up the dark with your cigarette lighter and draw your lips near to an awkward distance. try to dance with your silhoutte. you might as well be dead until next day morning
will they make a goodbye party for all us tired and broken-hearted? i'm fond of the place where i had grown up. oh i wish to leave till it's not too late. i wish to leave till it's not too late. it's always becoming confused and complex. see our commotion. see all our friends go outbound for good. and your azorean friends would fill the air with fireworks and laughter, while you'd stand aside. and then this girl called vitória would hold your hand and touch your cheeks where tears had glimmered in the strobe lights, and you would faintly smile. and if you want, just come over. why not come over? you're only two days in ponta delgada. while we were dancing in your bedroom, slowly it turned tuesday, and you would faintly smile. the star-strewn sky all filled with fireworks reminds you of your childhood dreams all dead
etch it on a fucking piece of wood. i'm gonna tell them that i'm never ever fucking gonna start or quit. well you may do it for the girls but the girls never ask you. you leave them scattered like those flypapers for free on the quay. your hundred dollar fragrancy is never gonna leave you. i can simply tell it by the scent you leave abroad. yeah now i'm absolutely positive about my condition. completely oblivious to anything else. satan be here. fill us with anxiety. bless us with fear. fractures and good restaurants, dark hallways and wide corridors. now press your lips against the glass. well that sounds quite familiar. i wish that we could meet sometime. completely adorable oh, i'm utterly flattered. now shut it, answer the phone. satan be here. fill us with anxiety. bless us with fear
we have petite girls, buxom girls, and everything in-between. we have brunettes, blondes, redheads, and girls who dye it different every day. we have innocent angels, naughty vixens, and amateur girls-next-door. we have girls outside, girls inside, and girls lying on the floor. we have girls smoking, girls kissing and girls masturbating. we have girls stripping, girls sleeping and girls body-painting
Butcher Ship 01:59
all the things we found were just theatrical fixture. pitch black chimneys rise to the sky. dumbledore is dead. you are no more a child. holograph needed. have some drink on saturday night, oho. gotta cope with it somehow. you'll learn soon there is no dark force to hide behind
you want to forget those days of shades of gray, plastered walls and empty space. you want to forget those days of blood and rape, when you were threatened to kneel with a knife to your nape. you want to forget those days. oh how easy a prey. he said call me daddy. you said no please wait. oh you want to forget those days, you clumsy bear, you dancing sprite, you wounded mare. he said let's teach these kids some deference. i've got the right. they have the pants. he said let's teach these kids some deference. i've got the might. they have the rants. you will never know the joys of life. you will never know the joys of love
boulders in the sky. you would always roam the night. boulders in the sky. swing your axes, juvenile. getting laid in various towns, have nothing else on you but your gown. getting laid in various towns, have nothing else on you but your blouse. caress my forehead, pillow my bones. i might get spastic, you have been told. i know it won't last as long as you say. time and indifference will wash it away
Gym 02:59
take me for a walk. show me to the boss. come across. tidy up your words into elegant structures. call me up at night. tell me how i suck, you corporate fuck. you make me wanna set your corporate suit on fire. baby patriot. yeah right, handsome idiot, go work out at the gym tonight. you never drive your car with the seatbelt on. oh what fun. what a pity you have never got into a car crash. we all know your mommy, we all know your daddy, we all know. we all know your favourite color, favourite food and favourite pet. but i don't care what you got. no, i don't care, idiot. go work out at the gym tonight. i gotta give you credit for not giving a shit about what we think, about who we are, about what we need, about what we feel. for you i'm just a punk, a minor pain at best. what a pest. all you need to do is to squeeze us dry. i hate you ignorants, from the bottom of my heart. and i will rave and rant at the top of my lungs. i despise your authority. i feel no awe. and i, oh i believe that one day we'll overcome
perhaps in an other car or in the next bar i'll be a star and you'll treat me like a gentleman. but till then we'll smoke our last cigarettes, leave bloodstains on our bedspreads. our homes are on fire. our friends are on screen. it's so easy to say, we're in general decay. you fight on the funny side. i'm with the coke dealers, gas pimps and flashlights with pistols and rifles. i spent too many years trying to find other ways to get by. but christ, you have changed. now hand out the housekeys, go with the rain, give me the carkeys, run take the plane. go run away, don't ever come back. don't forget your suitcase. you're no longer a gentleman. she needs a real gentleman, not a sentimental institution of a friend, not a secret little dark covenant. fun times, fun times, fags and wine. fun times, fun times, shut it up now
Lyrics (C) Sonic Youth My mother used to say You're the boy that can enjoy invisibility I am a boy that can enjoy invisibility Close your eyes, make a wish Cross yourself, see yourself Feel yourself, scream once more Move yourself, across the floor Burn inside, between two walls The advertisement's saying, that pleasure's ever lasting Come touch me The advertisement's saying, that pleasure's ever lasting Must be dead and gone to heaven Come and touch me here So I know, that I'm, not there


This album consists of Kedilek's tracks made for the Noize Konspiracy compilations and some lost gems, that were remastered from the highest quality source available to me. These songs are his most noisy though most accessible at the same time. It is the perfect start for an exploration of this unusual and massively talented musician's output.


released August 26, 2013

All music and lyrics by Cadillac Face*
Mixed and recorded by Cadillac Face*
Compiled and remastered by Avoided.
Album cover photo by Netykavka.

*except tracks 12,13.


all rights reserved



Cadillac Face Bratislava, Slovakia

Cadillac Face was a young musician residing in Bratislava, Slovakia. In his music, he combined a diversity of musical styles and elements, from indie-pop melodies through harsh industrial noises to lush neofolk atmosphere, releasing it D.I.Y. on the internet. His music and lyrics tended to be emotionally unstable. His favourite meals included clonazepam. In October 2009 he met his tragic death. ... more

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